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Using outdated materials in your classroom can have serious consequences. It can lead to students being unable to learn important information, perform at their best on certification tests, or even fail them.

One of the biggest challenges facing business education is a mismatch between rapidly changing job skills and the curriculum taught in classrooms. This article will cover some resources to help teachers bridge this gap.


Whether your school has recently expanded its business curriculum or you are a veteran teacher with an established class, finding new lesson plans and resources can be challenging. You need material that will engage students, help them learn and apply course information, and allow them to perform well on assessments or certification tests.

Every entrepreneur begins with a big idea for a future enterprise. Then they must develop that idea into a plan and a way to put that plan into action. The optional business plan activity in this lesson helps students accomplish that task.

The lesson starts with a motivational set that asks students to list their biggest ideas for a business. Then, once all students are seated, facilitate a discussion about their ideas. List the ideas on a white or chalk board and select one to use as the basis for the business plan. The lesson then guides students through the process of developing a basic business plan guided by a rubric.


When communicating with fellow business professionals, building a vocabulary is key. Vocabulary breaks larger principles down into more manageable terms, allowing both parties to clearly discuss topics without overwhelming each other with details that are irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

Whether your students are preparing for the ACT Business WorkKeys or just want to increase their understanding of business concepts, there are plenty of resources available to help them master important vocabulary words. These lessons and activities cover a wide range of topics, from understanding different types of businesses to creating a business plan.

Students will learn the language necessary to make a good impression during a job interview by watching a video clip of authentic interviews. Then they will practise using the new vocabulary words by completing activities that include revising small talk words, listening to an interview and role-playing. They will also identify the different parts of a business plan and complete a paired or group activity.


Reflection is a great way to encourage students to be more creative and try new things. It can also help them to plan for future experiences. It is an essential aspect of learning and it is beneficial at a student’s school life, their work life and within the wider community.

There are several different approaches to reflection and many teachers use it as part of their teaching practice. It can be used to complement a service-learning experience, discussion or any other class activity. It is often accompanied by questioning activities to stimulate students’ thoughts and to prompt them to consider what they have learned.

Reflective activities can take the form of discussions, questioning or simply jotting down their ideas on paper. It is often a good idea to include it as part of a larger project, such as an essay or a business plan, so that the students can apply what they have learnt to the task at hand.

Final Activity

If you’re a new business educator, this set of worksheets will help you understand how to prepare for a classroom lesson. This set of prompts guides students through the basics of goal setting and includes a final activity where learners create anagrams to recall the major components of a business plan.

In this lesson learners watch a video on business growth and then complete a guided discussion where they identify the parts of a business plan. This gives teachers an opportunity for formative assessment and provides the class with a reference guide before students attempt writing their own plans in objective #2.

Sometimes the best business education resources are found in unexpected places. You may have inherited teaching materials from the previous instructor, but they might be out of date or not fully relevant to your students. The good news is that there are a number of reputable providers of lesson plans and teaching resources that will meet the needs of your business students.

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